Trudy Huisman (1958) lives and works in The Netherlands. She is drawing and painting intensively, from an early age on. At the age of seventeen she pursued education by getting lessons from a few artists and thus getting in touch with oil painting, watercolour and etching. She also attended classes at Vrije Academie.
After having explored and developed several techniques also in an autodidactic manner, different styles originated in succession and sometimes side by side. Nevertheless, a clear, own identity is manifest in her works throughout time. It is defined by compositions in fluid movements and painted in multiple layers with a nuanced use of color.
In reviewing the work, figurative and refined glazed paintings, portraits, landscapes and abstracted female figures, pass by. Impressions of people, nature, tales and mytholgy, music and personal feelings, form a rich source of inspiration. Much of herself is invested in capturing these echoes on canvas.
In the past years Trudy sometimes paints without a set goal, handling emotions as a guide, which often results in more abstract paintings. Sometimes however, she chooses deliberately to elaborate these impressions to a more figurative and recognizable form. Variety in techniques and themes, but also exploration and deepening, are a perpetual need and a natural way to keep the creative process alive. Often, while working this way, an underlyng theme manifest itself ever so subtly until it is noticed.

Work from Trudy Huisman is being exposed regularly from 1994 on in galleries and art events in The Netherlands and abraod.